10 points for a GREEN Düsseldorf

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  • Urban energy revolution until 2025: with solar collectors on all suitable urban roofs and 100 % green electricity for all municipal facilities!
  • A more mobile society: In 2030 we will cover 80 % of the routes on foot, by bicycle, by bus or by train. 25% by bicycle already in 2025!
  • 10 green lifelines: car-free streets in all city districts – spaces for a better quality of life!
  • Housing for everybody: active purchase of properties by the city – for usage and development oriented to the common good!
  • More green, more water, less asphalt: new green spaces, green facades und roofs – for comprehensive species protection through “climate oases”!
  • More attractive public transport: Half of the price and higher frequency – also at night and during the weekend!
  • Participation of children and teenagers: Boards for children and teenagers to be better involved! Right to speak in the city council for the Düsseldorf Youth Council!
  • Fight against racism: With a new anti-discrimination office that advises people and investigates everyday racism!
  • Support of people without housing: More emergency dormitories and more residences!
  • Supporting culture: Further investments in cultural buildings and more financial support for artists and people engaged in the cultural sector!